Frequently Asked Questions

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Can students chat with their respective Intramural Administrator (Admin)?

Admin can now send messages to students directly through the REC*IT app and can choose if the recipient can reply to a message.

When games are canceled, do the students receive a push notification?

Yes, every time a game is canceled on the IMLeagues website, students will receive a push notification and the game will have a "Canceled" sign on the calendar on REC*IT.

What if games are rescheduled instead of canceled?

If there are any changes to a game, a push notification with the changes will be sent to the affected students.

The app does not seem to recognize my password, but I am able to login to the IMLeagues website. How does the Single Sign-On process work?

If your school uses a Single Sign-On protocol (or SSO), it means students use the same email and password for everything on campus. The login in process is now easier with the new Magic Button.

Video Instructions:

1. For students who already have an IMLeagues account, but are New to REC*IT:

Once the student downloads REC*IT, they will need to follow the steps below:

2. For students who do not have an IMLeagues account and are New to REC*IT:

Download REC*IT, then follow the steps below:

Magic Button Login Steps

Why does the Single Sign-On process work that way?

The main reason for this process is that users at Single Sign-On schools do not have a password on IMLeagues. When a school uses the Single Sign-On process on campus, this creates an account for IMLeagues, but it never creates a password. For REC*IT to be able to connect all of the user's information from IMLeagues, it needs the user to login with both an IMLeagues account and a password.

Still having issues logging in?

You can always connect with us by emailing [email protected] and we will be glad to help you solve this issue.

Can Administrators use REC*IT to schedule and send messages?

Admin can now send messages and announcements through REC*IT, and respective recipients will receive a push notification via REC*IT if they have the app downloaded. The messages, however cannot be scheduled to be sent at a set time through REC*IT at this point.

What administrative functions can I use in REC*IT?

The admin features currently consist of: Player Check-in, Score Entry and the Message Center. We are continuing to improve and add new admin features that make the most sense for the day-to-day use of the app by admin.

What's in it for REC*IT?

The REC*IT team is laser focused on building the best tool and resource for our colleges and universities and also further growing the rec community. REC*IT has begun to use desirable partner advertising and special offers to enhance the experience for all users (i.e. Papa John's coupon / free pizza offers). For REC*IT, the advertising we plan on implementing will be unobtrusive, endemic, and relative while being "tasteful" (alcohol, tobacco, adult content are off limits).

If I have a suggestion to improve REC*IT, how do I deliver feedback?

You can always send us suggestions through our [email protected] email or via the 'Support' button on the app.

Does REC*IT have a Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram account?

Absolutely, you can follow us on Twitter - @RECITcollege, Facebook - and Instagram - @RECITCollege

Are there push notifications for messages sent from the IMLeagues Message Center?

Yes, there are push notifications for messages and announcements sent from the IMLeagues Message Center.

Can you input stats through REC*IT?

At this time admin are able to enter Stats and a Sportsmanship Rating through REC*IT.

Can you customize the notifications?

Yes, notifications are customizable and can be accessed under the Menu tab and under Settings.

How many schools are using REC*IT?

Over 1,200 schools are active on REC*IT and IMLeagues.

Will REC*IT be available on both iPhone and Android?

REC*IT is available in both the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Who is MOKO Social Media?

MOKO Social Media is REC*IT's parent company. MOKO is an industry leader in the mobile and digital community and has given us the ability to create a mobile tool useful for university recreation programs and college students. MOKO introduced REC*IT Fitness during the Spring 2016 semester, and it is available to schools using the Fitness platform in IMLeagues.

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